For Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs Who Want a Streamlined Business With High Revenue & EPIC Client Results!

60-Day Business Accelerator


Are you sick and tired of trading hours for dollars, chasing down clients, and spending your time and money on strategies that just don’t work?
(All the while, your bank account hovers way too close to the red?)

Join me and my exclusive group of mission-driven women who desire
to enjoy an EPICally rewarding and profitable business.

Are you sick and tired of trading hours for dollars, chasing down clients, and spending your time and money on strategies that just don’t work? (All the while, your bank account hovers way too close to the red?)

Join me and my exclusive group of mission-driven women who desire to enjoy an EPICally rewarding and profitable business.


How would it feel to have a PROFITABLE group program running like clockwork so that you can STOP chasing down clients, START enjoying a more time-freedom schedule, AND be in a position to reserve your 1:1 offerings for high-paying clients of your choice?

Get Access to Over 3-Decades of Business Experience From Christie in This Robust Results-Focused Program.

Can you relate?

You are an experienced professional… with wicked skills… but you recognize that the LACK OF CLARITY is holding you back from having a highly profitable business.

You are SICK & TIRED of paying for programs that over-sell and under-deliver!

You’ve been working for years, helping other people in your life accomplish their dreams, and NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!

You Are SO Close!

You feel as if you’re literally 3 feet from gold, and you are ready to grab it.




EPIC Mastery Academy is your fast-track path to having a scalable business that will provide you with TIME & MONEY FREEDOM.


🚀 Have everything you need to launch and run a successful luxury group coaching program.

(So you can build in your vacations and enjoy money freedom.)

🚀 Define your revenue goals and HAVE a customized six-figure roadmap.

(At our private Strategy Session, we will create the right plan for you.)

🚀 Launch a beta version of your program that brings in thousands of dollars without a big list, expensive Facebook ads, or complicated funnels.

(So you can refine it, get glowing testimonials, and then charge more.)


This program is about DOING, not just learning and planning.

🚫 NO MORE one-on-one client work at low rates…

🚫 NO MORE low-ticket products with even lower sales…

🚫 NO MORE costly launches with minimal enrollments…

🚫 NO MORE confusion, lack of clarity, and sad bank accounts.

🚫NO MORE!!!!!!


If you’re tired of playing Russian Roulette with coaches who don’t offer guarantees, just empty promises and unactualized dreams…

…you’re going to LOVE our “pay-as-you-grow” program!

6-Figures in 6-Months GUARANTEED!


STAGE ONE: Dominate Your Niche!

Why It’s Important… Because when you embark on a journey to attract high-paying clients, you must establish a powerful authority platform and engage your target market in a way that they want what you provide. It is critical to have this foundational step solidified correctly before you proceed; same as when you build a house, you’re going to need a blueprint and a solid foundation for it to stand on. Creating an additional $100,000 or more in 6-9 months or less is going to require both.

After Stage One… Your brand will be defined, your message will be crystal clear, and your ideal clients will happily pay you because you are the best person to help them solve their problems. It will feel fabulous to see your distinct brand, unique experience, and innate gifts becoming positioned ahead of the competition and current marketplace trends.

Stage One Milestone Prize 🎉🎉🎉
You will get a one-hour deep-dive strategy session to analyze your $10,000 test results and adjust as necessary. Plus, we will design and provide you with your very own custom 6-figure roadmap. (Value $995)

STAGE TWO: Monetize Your Methodology

Why It’s Important…  Because your wisdom, skills, and life experiences have positioned you perfectly to take the leap of faith RIGHT NOW and step into a high-profit serve-to-earn business. But, with all of the experts out there, it’s hard to know what to do and in what order. This easy-to-follow plan shows you how to build one program that you sell before you build, refine it with client feedback, and expand into a high-ticket program that provides EPIC results for your clients.   

On the Completion of Stage Two… Your Pilot/Beta program will be up and running. You will have officially taken off the training wheels, and you’ll be soaring with confidence! You will have achieved your first $10,000 milestone, you will have gotten valuable feedback to enhance your methods into a high-ticket program, and you will have client success stories that will clearly demonstrate the results your program provides.

Stage Two Milestone Prize 🎉🎉🎉
You will be positioned as an Influencer and have featured access in the Unleash Your Mastery Group for 60 days. (Value $995)



If invited, say “YES” within 72 hours and get:


Fast-Action Bonus #1

Additional Private Coaching Sessions

You get two additional 60-Minute Private Sessions with Christie to use for custom strategy, mindset support, or Done-with-you website or branding services.

(Value $1,400)


Fast-Action Bonus #2

Story to Authority Now Digital Course

Since your Signature Story is the key to a strong brand and an even stronger message, you will get access to our Story to Authority Now Digital Course designed to show you how to write and leverage your story to boost your brand, amplify your authority, and make more money!

(Value $795)

Proudly step into your PURPOSE
to shape a LEGACY you’ll be proud of!


It’s time to turn your cant’s into cans and your dreams into plans.

Don’t let another year go by without having the business and life of your dreams.


(Secure your seat and get instant access to the WHOLE SHEBANG.)

I am confident that you will accomplish your business dreams in this program, so it is structured so that you ONLY pay when you reach your revenue milestones.

I stand by my services and I know that as soon as you join the program, you WILL BE satisfied!


Here’s the thing…

I know you’ve spent far too many years living for other people’s dreams. I did the same thing. I was a dedicated mom, an efficient homemaker, a faithful employee, and I was happy to help my husband accomplish his business dreams.  But as every year sped by, and I found myself with nothing to show for it, I realized that I had to find something that would light 💡 me up. I knew that when I could truly shine by living MY purpose, I would find true joy. (What I didn’t know then was how abundance would start coming to me when I did.)

I was DONE playing the “Some Day… One Day” game.

I was ready to play a new game… MY GAME!

Do you have a burning desire to help people? YOUR PEOPLE who are waiting for you and NEED YOUR HELP!

But you have a big problem… You don’t know how to get in front of them, stand out in their super busy, overcrowded lives, and grab their attention so you CAN help them.

And then…. Have a results-driven group program in place to serve them that leverages your time and fills your bucket and wallet.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the years who desire to make a bigger impact in the world. To turn their messy story into a powerful message that inspires and attracts future clients into their dream business. To build a purpose-driven business they really enjoy, so they can STOP chasing money, START filling up their bank account and CONTINUE to collect client success stories.

See you on the inside,
Master Story Activator, Harley Rider, & Proud Grandma!

together we can!

Find the COURAGE for you to play bigger.

Become more PRODUCTIVE as you design a master plan for your week.

Explore DREAMS and possibilities for your future.

Boost your ENERGY with foundational practices that will keep you feeling strong.

Break MINDSET patterns that keep you stuck.

Cast a bigger VISION for your life.

Feel RELIEF from the chaos and IN CONTROL of your calendar.

Fiercely protect YOUR TIME and your dreams.

Enjoy the space to be FULLY PRESENT with family and friends.

Build PLANS to make your vision a reality.


(Secure your seat and get instant access to the WHOLE SHEBANG.)

I am confident that you will accomplish your business dreams in this program, so it is structured so that you ONLY pay when you reach your revenue milestones.

I stand by my services and I know that as soon as you join the program, you WILL BE satisfied!


How much better your life would be if, instead of continuing to coast through life each day, you set out to overcome mediocrity by stepping into your power and enjoying a purpose-driven business that helps others get better through speaking, writing, and customized transformational programs.

And do it in a way that minimized your effort and maximized your income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seems too good to be true - is this offer for real?

I know this might sound too good to be true, but trust me, it’s the real deal. I know how it feels to pay coaches a lot of money to “buy my dreams,” only to be left with minimal progress and a hefty out-of-pocket expense. Once I figured out the right way to scale my authority business, I used this same process with my clients, and now I’ve bundled it all in a way that more people can have the business, life, and income of “their dreams.”

Let me help you help more people. Together we can achieve your dreams and theirs.

How are you special? What’s your Unique Selling Point?

EPIC Mastery has been designed following a risk reversal model, whereby you only pay  20% of the program investment to get full access to the training modules, weekly support, program resources, accountability, and an EPIC community of like-minded rockstars.

The remaining 80% will be paid to us incrementally when you reach the revenue milestones. In essence, we partner with you to ensure you achieve your revenue milestones. If you don’t reach them, you don’t win, and we don’t get paid. When you win, we win. 🚀🚀

EPIC Academy, this program, is a fast-track program that covers steps one and two of EPIC Mastery, allowing more mission-driven entrepreneurs to get started on having the business and life of their dreams.

You’ll get me on the sales call, build rapport, and then blast me with a massive High Ticket price I can’t afford.

We’ve all been there… you’d love to buy that new service, the mastermind with your favorite business guru, the training course to beat them all, or maybe the latest shiny business growth system. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) might drive you to say “yes” and buy, but how many of those programs have actually gotten you results?

We’ve worked hard to design our program to be an ULTIMATE NO-BRAINER for coaches, consultants, and change-makers… so that when you hear our price and our guarantee, it will feel good, be cost-effective, and financially accessible that it just makes sense and feels like the natural thing to do.

However, we know that our program will not be the right fit for everyone, so our breakthrough sessions are designed to be non-salesy and jam-packed full of value. Christie will dive deep into your business and discuss what’s stuck and what’s going well, and then in that time I’m going to give you at least three tangible tips that you can take away to grow your business regardless if you join us or not.

Contact Client Care: | (630) 336-3773

Contact Client Care: | (630) 336-3773


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The Pay-Per-Results Guarantee:  Simply follow the steps, and we’ll ensure that you get incredible results during our hands-on coaching program.  Why would you not want success!?  Well, in the unlikely & unfortunate situation you want to quit, or you feel like you are not getting results, simply email to terminate your program with no further financial obligations.


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