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with Christie Ruffino

Hey there... Christie here!
I am a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, and Best-Selling Author with 14 books. I have over three decades of business experience, built three six-figure businesses, and have worked with over three thousand women helping them increase their business revenue through clarity, collaboration, and increased visibility.

ONE OF MY SUPERPOWERS is to facilitate Pop-Up Masterminds for entrepreneurs & small business owners to see how we might get to know each other better, potentially work together, and collaborate intentionally to accomplish MAJOR business and life goals.

These are real Masterminds, where you have focused time in a power seat, to get REAL support, VALUABLE resources, and FRESH ideas. (With no agenda... No pitching... And COMPLETELY FREE!)

These exclusive events happen via invitation only and seats are strictly limited. Please fill out the application completely so I can learn why you should be approved for one of these exclusive spots. It will also make sure that everyone is paired up powerfully.

To your EPIC success!

Your Desire to Up-Level Your Business and Unite With Like-Minded Women Must Have Led You Here.


(INCLUDES: No strings + No pitching + No Cost = No Kidding!)

The mastermind session I attended was a very-very powerful experience, and I met some great people. Even though we’re all working on very different things and have different levels of experience, everyone contributed, and everybody benefited from it. I really value the time I spent because I had A LOT of takeaways. Plus, I’m also looking forward to seeing how everybody else progresses.

Kate Gondouin

Thank you, Christie, for inviting me, this was great. The process and support are going to really help me gain back that inspiration to tackle the things I’ve been trying to deal with. Hearing what others shared and getting their feedback is going to recharge me to go forward and make my dreams of what I want to do into reality. I really appreciate this experience.

Kim Speed

Hi Christie, thank you so much for last night’s mastermind -it was mind-blowing for me, and hearing all the advice to others was massively helpful too. I’m so impressed by that mastermind schedule idea, as it’s so different from other meetings I’ve been to. I can’t thank you enough. I just wish we could’ve all talked for hours, but I’m astounded by the clarification that can come in just 15 mins per person! Brilliant!

Lisa Marie

Thank you! Christie for the invite to the mastermind session. It was a wonderful time getting to know the professionals on the call and hearing the positive feedback from other trusted business owners.

Laurel Pendle

I found the mastermind really, REALLY valuable!  It was small enough that it felt intimate, even though I didn’t know the other people. Yet, I felt like everybody had a contribution to make to me, and I got to be a contribution to them. We now have relationships that have the possibility to strengthen what we’re doing in our lives and businesses.

Valerie Mrak


Key Benefits of Joining a High-Performing Mastermind Group:

  • Align with an exclusive community of high performing entrepreneurs
  • Collaborate to create joint venture and marketing opportunities
  • Aspire to think bigger and rise up to the higher level members
  • Increase your own experience, knowledge and confidence
  • Receive fresh ideas and a different perspective on your efforts
  • Get honest feedback and advice from brainstorming sessions
  • Learn from the experience and skills of the other members
  • Receive critical insights into yourself and your business strategy

Napoleon Hill coined the concept of the mastermind alliance in his classic book Think and Grow Rich. He believed that a group of like-minded, achievement-oriented individuals could dramatically leverage each other's success.


(INCLUDES: No strings + No pitching + No Cost = No Kidding!)

You Get Over 3-Decades of Business Experience From Christie in This Exclusive Mastermind Opportunity

Christie Lee Ruffino &  Mastery Unleashed Coaching

We specialize in helping high-achieving women "Profitize Your Purpose™" with a quick and streamlined process to package their expertise into a high-impact program that guarantees success and skyrockets their income so that they can get their time back and enjoy more freedom.

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