12-Days of Christmas in July | Super Summit & Gift 🎁 Giveaway

JULY 10 – 21, 2023

Want to Grow Your List?

This is Your Chance to Participate in the Speaking Event of the Season!

You are here because you’ve received a special invitation to join the Mastery Unleashed Super Summit and Gift Giveaway as a contributor!

I hope you’ll join us for this incredible 12-day event and take advantage of a great opportunity to share your wisdom and grow your list of ideal future clients.

3 Great Reasons to Participate

Share Your Expertise With Other Seasoned Experts!

Align with other experts to share your wisdom and resources to a brand-new and expanded audience.

Your People Will LOVE the Collection of Practical Gifts!

The valuable and actionable resources included with your talk will be a great gift for your audience.

An Amazing List-Building & Visibility Opportunity!

Generate new leads at a fraction of what you would pay for other channels like Facebook ads!

About the Event

This is a premier event for industry leaders, speakers, authors, coaches, and healers all coming together to boost their brands, build their lists, and share their wisdom as the go-to expert in their field.

The Contributors…

… have been vetted (just like yourself) and consist of top-notch experts in their fields and have a heart to serve.

The Deliverables…

… are a short training video, with a compelling CTA, and an invitation for interested people to jump on your list and get your free gift.

The Audience…

… is people who self-identify as personal development junkies… and want to take their business and life to the next level.

The Results…

… will be ground-breaking as you provide rich training and resources to the masses and grow your list with possible new clients.

Contributor Requirements


Contributors should have a responsive list of at least 2,500 email subscribers and a social media following of at least 2,500 followers.


Each contributor is required to send 3 solo emails to their full list during the promo period, a minimum of 5 social media posts, and host one FB Live, Reel, or Interview of their own to promote the event.


Each contributor is required to submit an exclusive free gift (not a lead magnet or freebie you normally give away for free) in one of the event categories.

This resource must be immediately available to access (no future promises) and must be valued at over $200, but set to be FREE for the participants of this event.


Each contributor is required to provide us with a link to a unique gift opt-in page branded with the image banner from this event.


No paid offers are allowed to the people who opted in for your free gift until 7-days after the event ends.

Event Categories

Sales ~ Marketing, Revenue, Profits ~ Keynote Speaking and/or Speak to Sell ~ Mindset, Accountability, Productivity ~ Advertising, Social Media, SEO ~ Systems and Technology ~ Spiritual Growth and Healing ~ Health and Wellness ~ Money Mastery ~ Joint Venturing and Promotional Partnering

What You Get as a Contributor

In addition to kicking off your 2023 Q3 with tons of fresh, NEW people on your email list, you get:


Get in front of a large audience and collect high-quality leads by sharing valuable information and offering a digital product or course.


Make money with a future paid offer or tripwire offer that is targeted to turn your ideal prospects into paying clients.


Promote your talk and attract interested buyers through pre-recorded sessions to get seen as an expert in your niche.


Connect and network with the other participating contributors to build relationships for future co-creation projects.


We aim to provide you with an exceptional & fun contributor experience!


Climb the leaderboards to win fun and fabulous prizes!

Your Options

Global Contributor

Only $200


  • Contribute to the Giveaway and share your free gift with a projected audience of 50k people.
  • 10-Minute Live Interview and recording to be seen and heard by our audience and for you to promote your gift.
  • Build your authority strategically with people who are interested in what you do and what you are offering.
  • Your gift title, image, and description, along with your headshot and bio, prominently displayed to attract new leads.
  • Professional, eye-catching graphics and engaging email and social media swipe copy to promote the event to your community.
  • Access to the Super Summit Facebook group where you can connect with the other participating contributors.
  • Access to the Mastery Unleashed Facebook group where you can do a live about your gift and interact with buyers.
  • Prizes to motivate the competitor in you.
  • 2 Live contributor networking sessions.

Top Tier Contributor

Only $400


  • Everything in the Gold Contributor level PLUS…
  • 20-Minute Extended Live Interview and recording to be seen and heard by our audience and for you to promote your gift.
  • Spotlight Email: A dedicated email on your promotion date sent to EVERYONE who signs up for the Super-Summit directing them straight to your VIP gift.
  • Featured Gift Placement: Exclusive placement for your pre-recorded training and gift towards the top of the event home and gifts page. 
  • NOTE: The top 12 are NOT category-specific and are available on a first come first serve basis.


Done For You Global

Only $500


  • Everything in the Global Contributor level PLUS…
  • Done-For-Your Funnel: We build the funnel in our platform, so there’s no need for additional tools. It will stay live for the giveaway and come down after. It is your responsibility to provide the gift. You will be provided with a list of people who downloaded your gift once the giveaway is completed. 


Do you have an area of expertise and a free gift that fits into one or more of our categories?

Do you have a mission, programs, and lead magnets that are designed to help others?

Do you want to get connected to more people and make a huge positive impact on their lives?

Ready to join in?

Here’s what you need to do:


Review the Requirements

Promo Window: July 5 – July 21

Contributor Fee: $200, $400, or $500

Your Email List: Minimum of 2,500 warm and engaged subscribers that you have been actively emailing your list at least 1 per week for 3+ months.

Commitment: 3 solo emails & 5 social media posts

Immediate Upsells: Upsells to paid programs (or newsletters that contain offers) during the giveaway are not allowed. This also means that you CANNOT make an offer on the thank you page of your free gift or in your funnel.

Emails related to the free gift they’ve opted in for and leading up to your launch AFTER the event are ok.


Reserve Your Spot

Reserve Your Spot: Even if you have made a written commitment to me or my team that you’d like to participate via email or any other means, your spot is not secure until you have paid the contributor fee and your intake form has been submitted.

If you reserve your spot and myself or my team feel like your expertise and gift is not a match or too similar to another contributor, we will work with you to find a solution. If we are unable to find a solution, we will refund your contributor fee.


Submit Your Info

The Intake Form: As soon as you reserve your spot, you will receive an email with a link to the intake form.

You will want to submit as many of your participation details as soon as possible so you and your brand will appear on the event registration page and your marketing images can be made.

The final details for your gift MUST be completed by June 23rd, 2023. If they are not submitted by this time, your giveaway offer will not be included in the giveaway, and a refund will not be given.


Schedule Your Interview


Create Your Offer

There are 2 Components of Your Offer: A free gift and a recorded interview that we will include on the gift page and use in our marketing efforts.

A “free for everyone” gift is required. Even if you don’t want to provide a training video, everyone who participates must provide a free gift. There must be an unlimited number available and immediately accessible as soon as people opt-in. Your “free gift” must be a tool, template, training, script, or video series. (It cannot be a service or coaching session).

All gifts must help people kick off the year right either professionally or personally. This could include topics around sales, marketing, revenue, keynote speaking and/or speak-to-sell, webinars, mindset, accountability, productivity, advertising, social media, SEO, systems and technology, spiritual growth, healing, health and wellness, money mastery, joint venturing, or referral generation.

Your Opt-in Page: Your opt-in page MUST include the following…

  • Mastery Unleashed event banner
  • Title of your giveaway offer
  • Description of your giveaway offer and its benefits
  • A way for people to sign up to get your giveaway offer

Your Thank You Page: Your thank you page MUST include the following…

  • A confirmation message for people who have opted in
  • Details on how to access their giveaway offer and when/how to expect announcements for your raffle winners

The links to your pages must be submitted by June 23, 2023. My team will be testing those links on June 26, 2023.


Promote The Event

Promote the Event: You will be provided with promotional email copy, social media posts, and graphics. We will also have a special hashtag for the giveaway!

The promotion window is July 5th – July 21, 2023. There is a big promotion window for this 12-day event, and all promotions MUST be done during this time period.

The giveaway only works if we ALL promote it! This way, we grow and build TOGETHER.


Track Your Progress

Keep Track of Your Progress: Every weekday during the promotional period, we will be sharing the leaderboard results for the top-ranking contributors.

The prizes are as follows:

Your 2,000-word story will be featured in the first volume of our brand-new Mastery Unleashed co-author book series.




5 ⭐️ Podcast


Legal Disclaimer Please note that legally we cannot guarantee any opt-in or sales results. Any estimations or examples that have been shown are from client case studies only. Please understand others’ results are not always duplicatable and that your results will vary and depend on many factors. All business entails risk with massive and consistent effort and action.

Refund Policy All sales are final; We reserve the right to reject your offer if it doesn’t fit the theme of this giveaway. In this case, we will contact you and work with you to choose or craft a different offer so that you can participate. If we determine that your offer is not suitable for the giveaway, we’ll refund your contributor fee.

Your payment and submitted contribution form constitute an agreement to these terms. If you fail to fulfill them, we reserve the right to remove you from the giveaway, at our sole discretion, without notice or refund.

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